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During these months of media silence, Officine Fioravanti has given life to a new department: it is called Evoluzioni Tecniche, ready to take care of any vehicle requiring any development intervention aimed to unleash all its true potential. The Technical Evolutions division, drawing from the wealth of experience accumulated by Officine Fioravanti to date, offers the possibility of carrying out major technical and mechanical modifications to achieve unparalleled results.

SPEED srl has been the valuable partner behind the engineering of all solutions presented until now.

Technical Evolutions was created to meet the need to modify vehicles through custom design and

development. The goal is to create tailor-made cars, establishing a deep connection with the customer, an experience that goes beyond a simple purchase, but rather creates a series of moments of sharing and creative expression, personal enrichment, exchange of ideas, and visions.

Creations that allow one to honor their uniqueness.

Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione M

Limited to 500 units, Jeremy Clarkson described it as "the most beautiful car ever made," but its dynamic flaws have always been known, starting with its 6-speed sequential robotized gearbox and its setup that was decidedly not up to expectations. We have therefore decided to give justice to this gem of Italian automotive history, allowing it to offer performances that match its timeless design.

  • Manual transmission;

  • Integrated vehicle management electronics with new systems;

  • New setup with electronically controlled, adjustable Öhlins suspension;

  • Carbon-ceramic braking system;

  • Carbon fiber monocoque seats with FIA approval, developed in collaboration with LMT - Laboratori Meccanica Torino, improving comfort and driving position;

  • Significant reduction in vehicle weight;

  • New engine calibration, which has unleashed new power.

Removing the sequential robotized gearbox with paddle shifters has significantly improved the car.It's time to bring out all the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione from the garages where they have been resting for years, to enjoy their lines, their chassis, and their inimitable sound.

512 BB

Thanks to the know-how acquired during the development of the Testarossa project, the modifications follow a different approach. They are not as flashy as those characterizing the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione M, yet they revolutionize the driving dynamics of the vehicle.

Aesthetically, every component is analogous and faithful to the original, making it indistinguishable from its 1970s counterpart.

  • Replacement of the carburetor system with a modern engine control system, hidden within the faithful replica of the carburetors machined from solid by Officine Fioravanti;

  • New electrical system utilizing more efficient contemporary technical solutions, making the vehicle more reliable;

These modifications allow the 512BB to retain its style, appearance, and soul, while also making it extremely more reliable, comfortable for everyday use or long journeys, safe, and high-performing. In any case, the vehicle remains unaltered and the modifications are easily reversible. The modifications are reversible. All this is achieved without compromising the preservation of its 1970s charm.

Testarossa Alte Prestazioni

In the coming months, the turn will come for the Testarossa Alte Prestazioni. Stay tuned.


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